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March 27, 2024

Genesis - Rémy Cointreau - Moët Hennessy - WWF - A partnership for agriculture and the environment

Adrienne de Malleray
A parcel vineyard with inter-row cover

Making agriculture an ally of the environment

The "environmental credit" initiative between the agricultural supply rating agency Genesis, the Rémy Cointreau and Moët Hennessy Wines and Spirits groups, and the environmental NGO WWF was born of this shared ambition.
This multi-stakeholder project aims to support the agricultural sector in cultivation methods that place environmental impact at the heart of the approach, but also to promote the success of this sustainable transition.

This environmental impact measurement is based on a real measurement of the condition of soil health used for supplies. This soil approach is doubly interesting because soil is a complex ecosystem with many values including :

  • An economic and social value, because from textiles to construction, from food to cosmetics, soil is the source of 95% of the products we consume and on which we depend.
  • Environmental value, because healthy soil is an ally against global warming, the starting point for the development of all our terrestrial biodiversity, and the guarantor of the water cycle, particularly in the fight against floods and droughts.

Today, certain agricultural practices have led to physical and biological degradation of the soil and we are all looking for ways to regenerate it.

Based on a pilot group of farmers and winegrowers, the working group initiated by this partnership will work :

  • On a methodology to measure carbon sequestration ensuring soil health and co-environmental benefits (on various issues of biodiversity, water quality, air quality, etc.)
  • On an economic analysis of the deployment of such a system in order to compare the efficiency of such a tool with other existing systems and to define a robust framework for its application.

The results of these two studies will make it possible to draw up a set of recommendations to be published in the first half of 2023.

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