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September 2, 2022

Diagnosis of the condition of soil health : Genesis ready to meet future European requirements

Adrienne de Malleray
A Genesis sampler taking a soil sample

On 17 November 2021, the European Commission announced the creation of a common soil protection strategy. This strategy includes the establishment of a legislative framework in 2023, which will address the consideration of soil protection at national, regional and local level.

GENESIS's soil health status diagnosis already meets the monitoring needs of agricultural soils. It enables the study of impact of agricultural practices on carbon, biodiversity and pollution and ensures the protection of this precious resource.

This system adresses all the players in the sector: A farmer who wants to identify the best practices for his soil, an industrial player who wants to set up quality channels and control his impact, a finance institution or a land owner who wants to evaluate potential future assets, an insurer who wants to analyse risks or a consumer acting as a citizen

This method is based on soil samples that must be taken independently and in compliance with established scientific protocols. To guarantee the reliability of these samples, GENESIS has signed a partnership agreement with the Confederation of Land Experts for the nationwide deployment and implementation of soil health status diagnosis on agricultural land.

The land expert is a professional acting in a regulated profession, approved by the CNEFAF (Conseil National de l'Expertise Foncière Agricole et Forestière) which controls his strict independence every year. He intervenes in the field, in particular alongside the agricultural world, as a trusted third party trained in the global evaluation of assets.

Its clients are private individuals or professionals, for missions in close collaboration with notaries, lawyers or chartered accountants, both in an amicable and judicial context.

For GENESIS, he will be the independent technical guarantor of the implementation of the samples, a key step in the diagnosis of the state of soil health .

Link to the press release: A partnership between the CEF and GENESIS

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