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September 15, 2022

Why Genesis exists

Quentin Sannié
A field of vines

The role of soils in the biosphere is becoming increasingly important. Soil health, like that of air and water, may well mean the difference between human survival and extinction.

But what about it?

In a nutshell. Soils provides 95% of our food. 60% of soils are degraded or severely degraded. Soils is home to 25% of biodiversity and 80% of terrestrial carbon. The health of soils determines the quality of the water resource. The soils are our first heritage and the key to our landscapes. Agricultural soil assets are worth more than 70,000 billion euros worldwide, comparable to the world's stock market capitalisation.

However, knowledge of the links between agricultural practices and their environmental impact remains limited. Actors in agricultural value chains are blind to the impact of their decisions on the environment. And in the absence of tools to measure environmental impact, agricultural change will remain wishful thinking or an opportunity for some of the worst greenwashing practices. 

Faced with these findings, entrepreneurs, biologists, data-scientists, soil scientists, developers, we decided to create the first sustainability rating agency for agricultural supplies, Genesis, and we invented the first rating of soil health.

Now we can know.

By measuring and noting the soil health, it is possible to realize a true measure of the environmental impact of agricultural practices on biodiversity, climate, water and fertility. Genesis thus invents the first agency measuring and linking soil health and agricultural practices to identify good and bad practices according to crops and pedo-climatic context. Genesis thus invents the first tool for steering agricultural change based on real impact measurement.

Now we know.

Farmers alone cannot bring about the agricultural transition that everyone is now expecting. There will be a real change in practices when we succeed in changing the economic models. Genesis is inventing a universal tool for valuing transition advice, for valuing agricultural sectors, and for certifying the environmental contribution of agricultural practices based on carbon and biodiversity. Genesis invents the first tool for accelerating and financing the transition.

Now you can.
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